Looking uncannily like Beyonce or Brad Pitt doesn’t sound like something many people would consider a problem. But for struggling actors, resembling someone famous can be distracting and cost them work. Rather than fight the genetic hand they’ve been dealt, some performers decide to embrace it—and make a few bucks in the process. The celebrity look-alike and impersonator community (which does not include the Hollywood Boulevard variety) is small but tightly knit. The A-listers all seem to know each other. None of them take themselves too seriously and most have unrelated day jobs. I actually found myself oddly disappointed by their lack of competitiveness. For instance, the ’90s-period Madonna I photographed had only kind words for her “Lucky Star”-era counterpart. But what happens when the whistle blows and you’re stuck in a work face that won’t come off? I spent the last year photographing them in their homes and in other places they frequent. Here’s a look at what celebrity look-alikes look like when no one’s looking.

Elliott Branch, aka Sam Jackson
Day job: Auto show presenter
Hollywood, CA

Richard Halpern, aka Austin Powers
Day job: Jazz singer
Los Angeles, CA

Antonio, aka Prince
Day job: "Dirty Mind" lead singer
Los Angeles, CA

Stuart Rigby, aka Tom Cruise
Day job: Brick layer
Los Angeles, CA

Bob Getter, aka Larry David
Day job: Bass player
Woodland Hills, CA    

Holly Beavon, aka Madonna
Day job: Actress
Hollywood, CA

Willie Dansler, aka Mike Tyson
Day job: Retired military
Rialto, CA

Kevin Jude, aka Joan Rivers
Day job: Medical director
Studio City, CA       

Kent Kasper, aka Dr. Phil
Day job: Former district attorney
Van Nuys, CA

Lissa Negrin, aka Cher
Day job: Casino entertainment producer
Hollywood Hills, CA

Allie Moss, aka Taylor Swift
Day job: Showgirl
West Hollywood, CA

Norman Deesing, aka Jack Nicholson
Day job: Host, Apple Tree Inn
Brentwood, CA       

Amber Coyle, aka Marilyn Monroe
Day job: Actress/writer
Hollywood, CA            

Cherise Bangs, aka Wonder Woman
Day job: Yoga instructor
Woodland Hills, CA