This series is a poem to a horrible brand of costumes that dominated Halloween in the 1970s and 1980s. They were sold in flimsy boxes in drugstores everywhere by a now defunct company called "Ben Cooper".  Inside the box was an eggshell-thin plastic mask with a pea-sized breathing hole and a highly flammable smock. The costumes were indeed creepy, but for all the wrong reasons. Some depicted generic monsters, but the ones that still haunt my sleep were the crude depictions of C-list celebrities. I bought a handful of these poorly-aged collectibles on Ebay and attempted to capture their ability to inspire unease through a series of horror-style portraits. 

It should have been simple.

“Mr Kotter” (#231)

“Bo Duke” (#57)

“Shaun Cassidy” (#472)

“Frank "Ponch" Poncherello” (#117)

“Bert” (#467)

“Donny and Marie Osmond” (#61, 62)

“Hot Wheels Driver” (#641)

“Casper the Friendly Ghost” (#119)

"Little House on the Prairie" (#87)

“Mork” (#520)